An Empirical Mock Catalog

We present a new empirical model of the evolution of galaxy properties driven entirely by observations over the redshift range 0.2 < z < 10 (Williams et al. 2018), JADES Extragalactic Ultra-deep Artificial Realization (JAGUAR). Using this model we have built a suite of mock galaxy catalogs designed for the new era of extragalactic deep field surveys using the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), including realistic extrapolations to z < 15 and down to the expected JWST detection limits.

The mock galaxies (both star-forming and quiescent) in the model follow observed galaxy stellar mass and UV luminosity functions, observed scaling relations with realistic scatter, and feature spectral energy distributions and associated flux photometry from rest-frame wavelengths between ~91 Å and 190 μm.

Click here to be taken to the download page for the mock catalogs, and please direct any issues with the mock files to this github page.


We are officially releasing v1.2 of the mock catalog, which has these updates:

  • We have increased the area covered by generating 10 independent realizations of 11' x 11' each.
  • The spectra now extend to 30 microns.
  • The spectra in the region from 1 - 1.6 microns are now uniformly sampled in wavelength (to address this issue) by separating continuum and emission lines due to an update to BEAGLE, oversampling the continuum, and adding back the emission lines with the correct FWHM.
  • The spectra is now sampled at 2.5 Angstroms rather than 5 Angstroms, and the FWHM is still 5 Angstroms.
  • The spectra files are grouped by redshift ranges, instead of with a fixed number of objects in each file.
  • Dust extinction is now included for quiescent galaxies (v1.1 quiescent galaxies were dust free due to a bug). The V-band dust attenuation optical depth parameter is listed in the quiescent catalog.

We have updated the process by which you can obtain the mock catalog. Now, you can register here, and you will be given the password for the downloads page, where you will be given both direct download links and ftp instructions for getting v1.1 of the mock. We have also included co-added mock NIRCam mosaic images generated from v1.1 of the mock catalog in the JADES medium and wide filters.

The mock catalog paper was accepted to ApJs, and we have updated the website to include the accepted version of the paper, including the updated figures on the About page.

Mock Catalog v1.1 released. This catalog includes an update to the NIRCam photometry, using filter curves that include the instrument and optical telescope element throughputs. In addition, we have also updated the RA and DEC values to fix a bug from v1.0. We also provide three additional mocks, one where the photometric fluxes do not include a contribution from Lyman-alpha emission, one where the emission line fluxes and EWs have been calculated with a dust-to-metal ratio of ξd = 0.5, and one with a hydrogen density nH = 1000 cm^-3.

Mock Catalog v1.0 released! The arXiv posting for the paper can be found here. This catalog includes both star-forming and quiescent galaxies, with their properties, photometry, and 5Å resolution spectra.